guiding principles

Our recycling-first approach to waste management is guided by five core principles:

  1. Source separation is the preferred approach to maximizing recycling (through programs such as the blue bin for recyclables, or the green bin for compostables), where practical and cost effective.
  2. Options for reuse, recycling and recovery must be prioritized over disposal (whether incineration or landfilling).
  3. As an affiliate of a long-standing BC business, we aim to build on a record of providing innovative solutions for continuous improvements in all aspects of recycling and waste management. This means offering sound alternatives to taxpayer-funded projects where the private sector can provide equivalent or superior services or choices.
  4. Direct, local and sustainable job creation is a priority.
  5. Decisions on waste management should align with the zero waste hierarchy adopted by the Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC). In particular, decisions should reflect the RCBC’s guiding principle that “Materials are Resources” and should be preserved and valued for continued use.