who we are

We are NextUse Recycling Ltd., a new recycling business headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia.

NextUse is a progressive approach to waste management, focusing on advanced technologies and processes which maximize recycling and material recovery, and new opportunities for local remanufacturers and other members of the green economy.

NextUse is proposing to bring to British Columbia a proven, viable option to maximize recycling and material recovery and reduce the amount of waste ultimately disposed, whether through incineration or landfilling. In BC, these facilities are sometimes called “mixed waste material recovery facilities” or “advanced material recovery facilities.” NextUse would receive and process the waste leftover after recycling programs (i.e., blue box), and recover any valuable material left in the waste, or in the garbage bag now going straight to incinerator or landfill.

NextUse focuses on recovering valuable material before it goes to disposal, allowing us to make the next, best use of our region’s recyclables and compostables. Instead of disposing of unsorted waste or “garbage” (which contains recyclables) by sending it directly to an incinerator or landfill, NextUse would deliver significant and immediate benefits to the local economy and environment:

  • Maximize recycling and material recovery, moving closer to “zero waste”
  • Create new green jobs—NextUse would employ 4 times more British Columbians than are employed at alternative disposal facilities, whether an incinerator or a landfill, while growing a new sector focused on material recovery and recycling
  • Implement climate friendly waste management options that protect air quality and do not emit avoidable greenhouse gases
  • Create new business opportunities and commit long-term support to BC’s green economy
  • Recover valuable materials for use in other applications that could be produced in our province
  • Avoid unnecessary increases in fees for waste disposal for taxpayers
  • Ability to identify and conduct research on residual materials to inform discussions on how to further reduce waste through better design and recycling options

Advanced material recovery facilities work. Technologically, economically, environmentally. Examples of similar facilities are growing across the US.

In BC, NextUse would operate in a context where residents and businesses have already recycled as much as they can. Recycling activities by individuals and businesses must be encouraged and continue to grow, as they play a significant role in waste reduction. A new not-for-profit agency, Multi Material BC (MMBC), has been formed to help the province recycle even more material. The MMBC program will enable some BC residents to recycle new categories of packaging that are not always captured today. Although NextUse has no links to MMBC, we share the vision of significantly increased recycling rates in our province. NextUse will have the ability to deal with both sorted recyclables and mixed waste, so the facility will have the built-in flexibility to adapt its systems as the region moves toward zero waste, and provide the processing capability to deal with the growing volume of sorted recyclables in-region.

We have a project design and site, and our project has been endorsed by the City of Coquitlam. As an affiliate of Belkorp Environmental Services Inc., NextUse looks forward to continuing our long history of business in Coquitlam as we implement these proven clean technologies in the Metro Vancouver region.