building a green economy

Advanced material recovery facilities and the next use for recyclables can be a part of expanding municipal and regional green economies.

These facilities are not only more economical to build and operate, cleaner and greener, but create more employment economic opportunities than the incineration of mixed waste and recyclables. A facility like the one proposed by NextUse employs four times as many people as an incinerator or a landfill.

Two recovery facilities have already been proposed by BC entrepreneurs in the Metro Vancouver area. NextUse’s project is enthusiastically endorsed by the City of Coquitlam, and could mean the creation of up to 80 new green economy jobs in the city.

The opportunities could become even greater as the Fraser Valley Regional District recently approved a new solid waste management plan that commits to establishing a material recovery facility that will support progress to a 90% waste diversion goal by 2024.

Material recovery also unlocks significant opportunity for other areas of the green economy, including providing valuable materials and inputs for remanufacturers, and marketable commodities like paper, plastics and metals.